Live The Adventure Assignment I: Invade Cobra Island


Over the top promotional map and “operational plan” for G.I. Joe toys.

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This view appeals to the adolescent boy in us all – a ludicrously sinister island brimming with fictional weaponry and advanced technology. Only a team of true American heroes can beat these overwhelming odds, provided you’ve bought enough toys to give the G.I. Joes all the necessary equipment they might need!

The fun image shows six separate locations on Cobra Island, and provides intelligence information (obtained through interrogation, no less) to help the entrant chose which character and vehicle would best fit the situation. The proposed invasion plan could then be filled out and sent into the parent company, Hasbro, for a chance at winning a G.I. Joe aircraft carrier!

Map Details

Publication Date: 1986

Author: Hasbro, Inc.

Sheet Width (in): 21.60

Sheet Height (in): 16.10

Condition: A-

Condition Description: Fold lines as issued and a slightly ragged lower edge from where the sheet was pulled from its publication.


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