La Ville de Materan


Striking and uncommon copper engraved map depicting the area of Yogyakarta (Java, Indonesia).

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This city plan of Yogyakarta originated from the Voyages celebres & remarquables, faits de Perse aux Indes Orientales by J.A. von Mandelslo and was published in Amsterdam in 1727. At the time of publication, the area was known as Materan and under the control of the Mataram Sultanate, the most powerful kingdom in Java. In 1745, a civil war broke out between two factions, with one side agreeing to sell some of their land to the Dutch in exchange for support in the conflict. The outsiders were vanquished, and the victor, Prince Mangkubumi, crowned himself as The First Sultan of Yogyakarta.

Despite future antagonism from the Dutch, especially in the Javan War from 1825 to 1830, Yogyakarta remains to this day the only Indonesian city still ruled by a monarchy.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1727

Author: Pieter van der Aa

Sheet Width (in): 16.3

Sheet Height (in): 14.4

Condition: B+

Condition Description: The map is in good condition with toning throughout the page. A lighter strip can be found along the centerfold.