Johnson’s World on Mercator’s Projection


Detailed snapshot of the world issued shortly after the conclusion of the American Civil War.

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A newly reunified United States of American can be seen boldly in the center of this map; the Transcontinental Railroad linking east and west (though the final rail would not be laid until the following year). Published in New York by A.J. Johnson in 1868, the image provides a fascinating territorial overview of the world.

Elsewhere in North America, the newly confederated Dominion of Canada stands apart from other British possessions. Russian American would soon be no more, as the land was sold to the United States the year prior for $7.2 million. South America proudly shows the gains from the hard fought wars of independence fought during the first 3 decades of the century, though further political reorganization would be forthcoming.

Continental ambitions between Germany and France are evident in Europe, with the Russian Empire seriously encroaching from the east and the Ottomans and ever-present threat to the south. The vast expanse of the Czar’s domain is split by the image, with the Asian portion continuing on the left side of the page.

The Chinese Empire is also shown with control over a broad territory, though subsequent wars would see it steadily chipped away in the coming years. Africa, too, would see economic aspirations of various European powers lead to the severe curtailment of indigenous sovereignty across the continent.

The routes of Cook and Wilkes are noted, along with their corresponding observations in the Antarctic. The inclusion of Cook’s historic voyage almost a century after it occurred reflects the mythical status of the British explorer.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1868

Author: Alvin Jewett Johnson

Sheet Width (in): 26.6

Sheet Height (in): 18

Condition: B+

Condition Description: Creasing along the vertical centerfold and minor offsetting visible from the title block. Faint toning around the outer edge, consistent with age and one small spot in the upper left corner.


1 in stock