Industrial Map of the State of Washington


Charming pictorial map of Washington state, likely issued shortly after World War II.

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This beautiful map of Washington is a vibrant celebration of the state’s abundant natural resources. Delightful vignettes showcase many of the primary commercial products such as timber, apples, wheat, minerals, and cattle. Even the compass rose incorporates imagery from the sawmill.

Prominent industrial sites like the Bremerton Navy Yard, Grand Coulee Dam, Columbia Basin Irrigation Area, and Bonneville Dam are also represented with custom illustrations. Washington’s scenic beauty is not overlooked, and stylized illustrations of mountains and forests are dotted throughout the image. Indian reservations are identified with small teepees. The map is uncredited and undated, though the ‘Belle Reeves – Secretary of State’ beneath the title gives some indication as to its creation and purpose.

Reeves served in the role from 1938 to early 1948 and the presence of the Vancouver shipyards on the map indicates it was likely issued after the Second World War. According to the Washington Secretary of State Website;

“Belle Reeves’ illustrious career as a Washington lawmaker began in the State House in 1922. The Democrat earned a favorable reputation as a beloved elected official, known for her gentle approach, her integrity, and her values. Her family calls her a force in education and the state park system.

Governor Clarence Martin appointed Reeves Secretary of State in 1938. She was elected to the post in 1940. In 1944, she returned to the office by voter mandate, “the largest vote ever cast for a candidate” in the state, reported The New York Times. In 1948, Belle Reeves was memorialized in the first—and the only– State Funeral in the House Chamber.”

Source: Washington Secretary of State 

Map Details

Publication Date: c. 1947

Author: Anonymous

Sheet Width (in): 27

Sheet Height (in): 18.6

Condition: A-

Condition Description: Very faint wear along the outer edges of the sheet, including light wrinkling and some spotting in the lower margin. Very good to near fine overall.


1 in stock