Important Soils of the United States


100+ year old dirt from across America.

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This amazing pair of geologic artifacts were created by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Soils in 1916. Each case contains a sample of soils from the various designated regions in the Eastern and Western United States, represented by small maps on their respective covers. In most cases, the samples consist of soil and subsoil from various deposits.

The regions and their contents, soils of a stunning array of colors and textures, are outlined below. Vials containing the soil samples are intact unless otherwise indicated.

Western United States– Rocky Mountain Region (4 vials); Great Plains Region (12 vials); Pacific Coast Region (10 vials, 1 broken and 1 replacement); Northwest Intermountain Region (4 vials); Appalachian Mountain and Plateau Province (4 vials, 1 broken); Great Basin Region (4 vials)

Eastern United States – Glacial Lake and River Terrace Province (6 vials); Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain Province (12 vials); Glacial and Loessal Province (8 vials); Arid Southwest Region (4 vials); The Piedmont Plateau Province (8 vials); Limestone Valley and Upland Province (4 vials)

Map Details

Publication Date: 1916

Author: U.S Department of Agriculture Bureau of Soils

Sheet Width (in): 13.75

Sheet Height (in): 12.25

Condition: B-

Condition Description: Two cases cardboard cases with original cloth covering and title sheet. Each contains several boxes with samples from Eastern and Western soil regions of the United States. Several of the vials have unfortunately broken and the outer cases are heavily worn. Fair to good condition overall.


1 in stock