Illustrated Map of Dogs


Limited Deluxe Edition of a rare pictorial map highlighting the world’s love for dogs!

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This magnificent pictorial celebration of Man’s Best Friend shows the global distribution of 114 different breeds of Canis familiaris. A central map of the world shows an illustrated scene within each continent that highlights the relationship between the dog and its inhabitants. Numerous vignettes are dotted throughout, the location of each approximating the breed’s origin. Insets of the British Isles and Central Europe reflect those regions’ long history of domestication and their status as home to many different types of dogs.

Surrounding the map are captioned illustrations of each breed, based on oil paintings by Ole Larsen, providing the dog’s respective class and a brief summary. Example: “Dachshund – The most common of the three varieties of ‘frankfurter’ dog; very companionable and even-tempered home dog“. A wide variety of pups are shown, ranging from the massive Bull Mastiff to the ‘dignified and judicial’ Pekingese.

The map was designed and created by Joe Godfrey, Jr, edited by Robert Briggs Logan, and lithographed in Racine, Wisconsin by the Western Printing & Lithograph Company. Though it is undated, it was likely published around 1936, based on a copyright renewal application from 1967 and a similar map designed by Godfrey that same year.

The map is scarce. I’ve been able to find only one recent auction record, for a framed ‘Grand Deluxe Edition’, and no records in WorldCat, Rumsey, or other online repositories. Not in Hornsby or Tooley.

Sources: March, 2022 Auction Record; Rumsey 8519.000; Catalog of Copyright Entries (Google Books);

Map Details

Publication Date: c. 1936

Author: Joe Godfrey, Jr.

Sheet Width (in): 38

Sheet Height (in): 40.5

Condition: A-

Condition Description: Moderate wear visible along the outer margins of the sheet, including a 1" tear in the upper left that just misses the plate line. Very good to near fine overall.


1 in stock