Heart of Chicago


Colorful pictorial view of Chicago from the early 1950’s.

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Over sixty illustrations can be found on this top down view of Chicago’s city center, which includes the Loop, River North and Near West Side. Features of the city’s history, industry and culture are showcased using bright colors and stylized vignettes, courtesy of artist Aaron Bohrod.

Of particular note is the changing shade of the Chicago River, which turns from a bright blue to a murky brown at the fork near Wolf Point. This is likely referencing the process by which the flow of the river was reversed in the 19th century, bringing in fresh water from Lake Michigan and sending the sewage and wastewater downriver (ultimately to St. Louis).

Published in the October, 1951 edition of Holiday magazine and includes the opposite page of the issue with corresponding key to points of interest.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1951

Author: Aaron Bohrod

Sheet Width (in): 10.30

Sheet Height (in): 13.10

Condition: A

Condition Description: Near fine condition, with only very minor wear along the extreme outer edges of the sheet.


1 in stock