[Group of Six Sunday School Maps]


A custom collection of late 19th century Sunday School maps.

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This interesting collection of Biblical wall maps was published in St. Louis around 1890 by the firm of A.H. Eliers & Co. Though the company was originally established as a bookseller and stationer, it soon transitioned to the production of material related to Sunday School education in the United States. Eilers produced a number of religiously themed wall maps in a variety of formats, and potential customers could order a custom production with one or more maps included.

This particular example includes six sheets; four from the Peerless Series of Sunday School Maps, and two others, hanging on the original green wooden roller. Further descriptions and size of each map is available below, in the order of their appearance:

Map No. 4 Bible Lands of the Old Testament – Sheet measures 28.25″ x 18″ and covers the Middle East between the Mediterranean, Persian Gulf, and Caspian Sea. Abraham’s journey is depicted with a bold red line. Shows three versions of certain place names; Biblical, Greek, and Modern, while conjectural locations are marked with a star.

The Peerless Series of Sunday School Maps No. 3 Roman Empire – Sheet measures 27.75″ x 17″ and covers the eastern Mediterranean from the southern half of Italy to the Near East. The four travels of Paul are outlined in the accompanying legend, and the Seven Churches of Asia (also known as the Seven Churches of the Apocalypse due to their inclusion in the book of Revelations) are noted with a star.

The Peerless Series of Sunday School Maps No. 1 Palestine! – Sheet measures 18.1″ x 24.75″ and covers ancient Palestine at the time of Christ. Includes an inset plan of ancient Jerusalem and a table of heights corresponding to sixteen mountains and prominent locations within the image. An additional legend is present, but illegible.

The Peerless Series of Sunday School Maps No. 2 Palestine Old Testament History – Sheet measures 16.75 x 25.5″ and presents ancient Palestine at the time of the Old Testament. Several variations of cities related to the Scripture are identified within the legend, and geographic data about seas, rivers and mountains are provided immediately below. Stars represent “probable” locations.

The Peerless Series of Sunday School Maps. Map No. 5 The Exodus – Sheet measures 18″ x 25.5″ and highlights the course of the Israelites as they escaped from Egypt into the Promised Land. Stations are numbered along the route and listed in the accompanying legend in the lower right. Two inset maps are also present; A Plan of the Camp of the Israelites and a topographical map of the vicinity of Mt. Sinai.

Ancient Jerusalem – Sheet measures 17.5″ x 25.75″ and presents a city plan of ancient Jerusalem. Various districts are identified using different colors and basic topographic detail is provided in hachure. Prominent buildings, geographic features, towers, and gates are individually labeled. Notes the lines of the Roman siege from 70 AD, which resulted in the destruction of the Second Temple.

Map Details

Publication Date: c. 1890

Author: A. H. Eilers & Co.

Sheet Width (in): See Description

Sheet Height (in): See Description

Condition: B

Condition Description: Group of six separate maps, printed directly onto muslin and attached with tacks to a green wooden roller. Most of the maps are toned from age and several exhibit moderate discoloration and a few large damp stains. Minor foxing visible, but concentrated primarily to the margins. The last sheet has two areas with old tape repairs on the verso. Despite the condition issues, this scarce set remains in good to very good condition, with full sheets and images which are only slightly affected by previous water damage.


1 in stock