[Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere]


Japan’s Pacific Theater in early 1942.

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This intriguing map of the Pacific Ocean emphasizes the perspective of ‘The Empire of Great Japan’ shortly after the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Japanese possessions, which includes Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and numerous islands in Micronesia, are highlighted in red.

Concentric circles with increasingly wide diameters emanate from Tokyo, providing definitive ranges for the proximity of enemy territory and military installations. Inset charts in the lower corners highlight how the population and resources from around the Japanese Empire contribute to the military effort, providing justification for drastic and belligerent expansion.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1942

Author: Industrial Association of Central Education?

Sheet Width (in): 42.70

Sheet Height (in): 31.70

Condition: B

Condition Description: Printed on thin paper and formerly folded into 16 panels. Heavy wear along former fold lines, including several spots of paper loss at fold intersections and numerous tears. All spots have been repaired and reinforced on the verso with archival tape, so image loss remains minimal.


1 in stock