“Gone With the Wind”



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This interesting satirical movie poster is a clever commentary on the status of conservative western politics during the Cold War. It was originally designed by Bob Light and John Houston as the back page for a 1980 issue of The Socialist Worker, printed during Reagan’s presidential campaign and shortly after Margaret Thatcher was elected as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. It shows the two leaders in a warm embrace as a mushroom cloud billows in the background – ‘the most EXPLOSIVE love story ever’ – according to the colorful accompanying text.

This example, a rare two-tone offset lithograph variant, was printed a few years after the original by East End Offset in London. “Neither Washington nor Moscow, but International Socialism.” [left side]

Map Details

Publication Date: c. 1981

Author: Bob Light/John Houston

Sheet Width (in): 16.75

Sheet Height (in): 23.1

Condition: A-

Condition Description: Light abrasion in the red ink visible in each corner and along the sides. Faint wear along the edges of the sheet, which has been mounted on Japanese tissue. Very good overall.


1 in stock