Giuoco del Tramway


Dice-based boardgame – The Tramway Ride.

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This entertaining children’s game was produced by the Italian firm of Marca Stella in the 1950s. Instructions in each corner state that the players (an unlimited number can play) start on opposite lines and roll dice to determine how far they travel along. Fines and fares must be paid for landing on certain spaces, and the winner is the first to arrive at spot 63.

The whimsical style and air of amusement provide a lighthearted feel, with one almost able to hear “The Entry of the Gladiators” belting from the band in the background.

Map Details

Publication Date: c. 1950

Author: Marca Stella

Sheet Width (in): 18.3

Sheet Height (in): 12.6

Condition: B

Condition Description: Paper game board laid on old (original?) red linen. Chips and minor paper loss evident around the outer edges. A spot in the lower right corner obscures a bit of text from the instructions. Fair to good condition overall.


1 in stock