Genealogical Handbook of English History


A complex diagram from the late 19th century outlining the royal lineage and much of English history.

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This fascinating compendium of English history was complied by J.P.A. Long and published in Birmingham in 1889. According to the publisher’s stamp, the chart purports to show “the dynasties of all the English sovereigns, tracing the direct descent of Queen Victoria from Egbert” and sets “forth the most important events, battles, enactments. &c.”

A simplified family tree dominates the center of the image, with bold red lines clearly following the direct lineage from the first Saxon king to the contemporary British monarch. The left side presents the same royal line in chronological form, organized by century. The right side features a similar chart outlining the course of important events in English history; from the Danish invasion of 832 to the passage of the Stock Conversion Bill in 1888.

The clear disconnect in importance between the first and final entries reflect the efforts of the publisher to present the chart as up to date and containing the latest information. J.P.A. Long revised his publications regularly, this example being the eighth.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1889

Author: J.P.A. Long

Sheet Width (in): 16.80

Sheet Height (in): 26.40

Condition: A-

Condition Description: Diagram, mounted on linen, that folds into original stiff boards with marbled paper covers and original publishers stamp. A bit of minor discoloration and wear along fold lines, but overall in very good condition.


1 in stock