Gallia Vetus, ad Iul Caesaris Commentaria, ex Comatibus Geographicis


Stylized overview of Roman Gaul according to Caesar (and the Blaeu family).

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This interesting map shows the Roman province of Gaul, roughly corresponding to modern day France. This particular example was published by the Blaeu family in the mid-17th century and is based off an earlier version by Abraham Ortelius, who used Caesar’s “Commentary on the Gallic Wars” as his primary source.

Both ‘original’ authors are credited; Ortelius in the decorative cartouche and Caesar in the seal at the top of the sheet. The image presents a basic overview of the regional geography and distribution of various ‘barbarian’ tribes.

The primary settlements and basic characteristics of these groups (according to Caesar) can be found in the left and right borders. Comments include the level of various tribes’ virtues, sophistication, and even hygiene.

Map Details

Publication Date: c. 1640

Author: Willem Janszoon Blaeu

Sheet Width (in): 22.50

Sheet Height (in): 18.75

Condition: B+

Condition Description: Numerous small edge tears in the margins, one in the lower left nearing the plateline, repaired on verso. One small part of the sheet missing in the upper left, well away from the image. A bit of see through from French text on the verso and one small spot just above the title. Very good condition, a bright sheet with a dark impression.


1 in stock