[Flora and Fauna of the World]


Unusual representation of the Earth’s diverse plant and animal life.

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This eye-catching diagram shows rough divisions of the globe along polar, temperate, and equatorial zones. Within each, small vignettes of a myriad of plant and animal species are presumably representative of the types of lifeforms that can be found there. Domestic products, including cotton, apples, wheat, sugarcane, and corn can be seen in illustrated panels immediately above and below.

Published in Chicago by George Cram in 1883. Color lithographed diagram of the solar system can be found on the verso.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1883

Author: George Cram

Sheet Width (in): 11.4

Sheet Height (in): 13.4

Condition: B

Condition Description: Moderately soiled in the margins and a 1.5" tear at the bottom of the sheet has been repaired on the verso. Ragged left binding edge and some smudging also present on the verso.


1 in stock