Final Fantasy Maps


A pair of maps issued for the English release of Final Fantasy in 1990.

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The Final Fantasy franchise is one of the most popular video game series of all time, and laid the groundwork for many components of the beloved genre of role playing games. It had humble origins on the Nintendo Entertainment System and was first released in Japan by Square Co. in 1987. Nintendo of America translated the game for a U.S. release in 1990, and distributed these maps with the original cartridge.

The first is an overview of the entire game world and its three large continents. Locations visited by the protagonist on their journey comprise the border, and on the verso is a table of the various enemies they will encounter. The second map provides a useful reference for the adventurous rogue/knight/mage needing to navigate the game’s numerous dungeons. On the verso is an equally useful table detailing the various equipment available to each character class. Fans of the role playing genre know that inventory management is a critical component!

Map Details

Publication Date: 1990

Author: Nintendo of America

Sheet Width (in): 20.10

Sheet Height (in): 13.30

Condition: A-

Condition Description: Some wear along originally issued fold lines, especially on the right side. Very good to excellent condition overall.


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