Factual Charts of WWII [Two]


Two gigantic charts outlining WWII operations in the European and Pacific theaters.

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They say that history is written by the victors, and these two sheets certainly tell a convincing story of the chain of global events known as World War II. Organized into Asiatic-Pacific and European Operations, each chart provides a comprehensive overview of the history, geopolitical circumstances, combat chronology and leader biographies. Dense text is attractively organized between visual elements in the form of inset maps, unit insignia and individual portraits of important persons.

The collective image paints an authoritative picture of a “just” war that followed an orderly course of events, roughly reflected by the organization of the chart itself. Despite the pride and patriotism evident throughout the image, the text on the European sheet ends with the warning – “ANOTHER IMPERIALISTIC WAR WILL END CIVILIZATION.” The end of the Pacific Theater sheet is equally blunt. “Let it also be remembered – the U.S. carried 95% of the Allied load of this war.” It’s likely the author meant the Pacific war, but regardless the statement is emblematic of many American’s perception both during and since the conflict.

The pair was compiled and published by Samuel Calvin Dickerhoff, Jr. of the World War Chart Company in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Lithography by A. Hoen & Co. Price is for the pair.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1945/1946

Author: S.C. Dickerhoff

Sheet Width (in): 57.00

Sheet Height (in): 38.50

Condition: A

Condition Description: Both charts are in excellent condition. Creasing along fold lines and some discoloration to the original covers, but in fine shape.