Europe sous Charlemagne ou Tableau de cette partie du monde à la fin de VIIIe…


Piquet’s edition of Brue’s map of Europe during the time of Charlemagne.

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This wonderfully engraved map of Europe shows the area from Iceland in the Atlantic Ocean across the entirety of the continent to the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf. The focal point of the image is across the vast Carolingian Empire, founded by Charles I, or Charlemagne, in the early 9th century A.D. This kingdom is representative of the first consolidation of power in the region since the fall of the Western Roman Empire several hundred years earlier, and Charles has appropriately been called “The Father of Europe.” His reign was over the territory that would comprise today’s France, Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland, with portions of Italy, Croatia and the Czech Republic. Hand applied outline color delineates competing groups, including the Muslims in Spain, the Saxons in Britain and Saracens in the Mediterranean, while an inset map shows the organization of various kingdoms within Charlemagne’s European empire.

The map was originally issued by Adrien-Hubert Brue and later updated by his partner’s son, Pierre-Jacques Picquet, after Brue’s death in 1832.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1858

Author: Pierre-Jacques Picquet

Sheet Width (in): 25.5

Sheet Height (in): 20

Condition: A

Condition Description: The map is in fabulous condition, with hand coloring and full margins. Some minor soiling along outer edges.


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