Europe Politique et Ethnographique


The races of Europe during a massive political reorganization of the continent.

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This fine steel engraved map was designed by Claude-Joseph Drioux and Charles Leroy and published in Paris as part of Eugene Bellin’s Atlas d’histoire et de géographie. The image uses vibrant color to highlight the territorial extent of different kingdoms across the continent. A variety of toponyms have been overlaid to identify the location of various ethnographic classes and races (according to the authors).

These show an interesting and eclectic group ranging across a vast historical period, such as the presence of both Arabs and Visigoths in southern Spain. According to roughly translated text in the upper right – “Each region presents all the most important peoples who have occupied the land since the most ancient times. The parentheses indicate those who have been exterminated as well as those who have left Europe.”

Further text boxes in the lower right and upper left provide ‘supporting notes’ on historic classifications and divisions between Semitic, Indo-Germanic, and Mongol races. It’s important to note the depiction of France as a unified territory occupied by relatively few tribal groups. This homogenous self-image contrasts sharply with that of Germany, shown deliberately as a group of disparate states with many different races and divisions.

Map Details

Publication Date: c. 1872

Author: Claude-Joseph Drioux and Charles Leroy

Sheet Width (in): 18.75

Sheet Height (in): 12.9

Condition: A-

Condition Description: Light spotting and faint toning visible around the margins and outer edges of the sheet. One or two small spots of discoloration within the image (see north of Iceland). Very good overall, with original color.


1 in stock

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