Ethnographic Map of the World Showing the Present Distribution of the Leading Races of Man


“The leading races of man” as they are situated around the globe.

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This somewhat unsettling map of the world presents a gross oversimplification of the distribution of various races, according to the legend in the lower left. Five different ethnographic divisions, Caucasian (subdivided into three groups), Mongolian, Negro, American, and Malay, are highlighted with bright colors while more specific details on regional identities are provided within the map’s image.

Interesting annotations note zones of dietary habits, a broad band of ‘Indo European Races from Iceland to the Ganges’, and the limits of permanent habitation. Also of note is the way in which the map reinforces imperial ambitions – the Indo-European presence in South Africa, Australia, and creeping westward across North America are three striking examples.

The image was engraved by G.W. Boyton and published in Boston by Huckling, Swan & Brown. Originally designed to illustrate the 1857 edition of Cartee’s Physical Geography.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1857

Author: G.W Boyton

Sheet Width (in): 12.9

Sheet Height (in): 10.6

Condition: B+

Condition Description: Lightly toned around the edges and several spots are visible in the lower quarter of the sheet. Good to very good, with original hand color.


1 in stock