Emigrants in the Northwest


“The early history of the emigration to the United States naturally contains stories of hardship and suffering.”

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As the United States expanded steadily westward during the 19th century, emigration to the newly opened lands grew from a trickle to a torrent. This print, issued in the June 8, 1878 issue of Harper’s Weekly, shows a few scenes that highlight life on the trail for these thousands of settlers from all over the world. The hazards of overland transportation are juxtaposed with reaping the benefits of the first and second season on the homestead.

Accompanying text provides a bit of contemporary insight into the process, “if people can improve their condition by emigration, it is well that they should emigrate; if otherwise, the best plan is to stay home.”

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Publication Date: 1878

Author: Harper's Weekly

Sheet Width (in): 11.10

Sheet Height (in): 15.40

Condition: B+

Condition Description: Matted print from Harper's Weekly magazine. Uneven binding edge and toned margins, consistent with age. Small chip in the lower left side of the sheet and creased corners.


1 in stock