Dining and Wining in Germany


Mouth watering map of West Germany and Berlin published during the height of the Cold War.

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This promotional booklet of The Federal Republic of Germany was published by the state’s tourism agency, which had offices throughout Europe and the United States with the aim of advertising the wealth and prosperity of the capitalist economy. The Wirtschaftswunder (economic miracle) that took place in West Germany during the 1950’s is on full display as bountiful quantities of sausage, cheese, seafood and pastries are splashed across the page.

The accompanying gastronomic guide to the country makes several references to the destruction and rebirth of the region, and notably the entirety of East Germany is omitted from the image with the exception of the enclave in Berlin. There was significantly less culinary opportunity on the other side of the Iron Curtain, as the Soviets had reorganized the local economy to best suit their needs and businesses became stagnant within the socialist republic.

Map Details

Publication Date: c. 1960

Author: Hermann Schneider

Sheet Width (in): 17

Sheet Height (in): 24.5

Condition: A

Condition Description: The fold out map and original booklet are both in excellent condition.