Die sichtbare Seite der Mond-Oberflache [The Visible Side of the Moon’s Surface]


Detailed chromolithographed map of the moon published in Stieler’s famous Handatlas.

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This map shows an incredible amount of detail, as is typical with maps designed by Adolf Stieler. His Handatlas, published in Gotha by Justus Perthes, was one of the most popular scientific publications throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries – it went through 10 editions from 1816 to 1945.

Projected with north at the top, delicate representations of the moon’s topographical features fill the image and are meticulously listed along each side of the page. A small inset diagram shows the daily changes of the lunar phase. The far, or dark, side of the moon would not be seen by the naked eye until nearly 100 years after publication, when the Apollo 8 crew orbited the celestial body for the first time.

Map Details

Publication Date: c. 1870

Author: Adolf Stieler

Sheet Width (in): 18.50

Sheet Height (in): 15.00

Condition: B-

Condition Description: The map's sheet is complete, but the image has somewhat faded behind severe foxing throughout the page.


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