Dated Events War Map – 24th edition


The 24th edition of the Dated Events War Map, showing events from early 1945.

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In the first 3 months of 1945, Allied troops were on the advance on nearly every front. Offensives in Italy, Austria, Germany, the Philippines, Hungary and Denmark were taking place between February and April and are reflected on this map, which was printed by the Shar-Barton company and issued shortly before Roosevelt’s death in late March or early April.

Numerous inset maps identify regional action in the Balkans, Germany and on the Philippine islands, while the underlying world map on Mercator’s projection gives a global overview of the ongoing conflict.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1945

Author: Stanley Turner/C.C. Petersen

Sheet Width (in): 38.7

Sheet Height (in): 17.2

Condition: B

Condition Description: Fraying and soiling visible in the margins and around the outer edges. Wear along fold lines and moderate discoloration along the centerfold. Several small pinholes at fold intersections and along the middle of the sheet. Despite some issues, the map remains presentable with bright color.