Dated Events War Map – 27th edition


The penultimate Shaw-Barton printing of the Dated Events War Map, issued just weeks before the atomic bombs fell on Japan.

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I have been able to identify 28 separate issues of the Dated Events War Map printed in Ohio by Shaw-Barton. This is the second to last, issued in mid-July; less than a month before the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan.

The V-E Day Edition features an inset map showing possible zones of occupation by the four Allied powers that closely reflected the actual occupational assignments. Further insets of the Philippines and Japan highlight the increasing proximity of the American fleet to mainland Japan. Tables on either side of the image list numerous additional events that have not been noted within, while a box at the top of the sheet identifies the ‘United Nations’ against the Axis powers.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1945

Author: Stanley Turner/C.C. Petersen

Sheet Width (in): 38.7

Sheet Height (in): 17.2

Condition: B+

Condition Description: Minor wear and creasing along fold lines. All four corners are missing from where the map was previously hung. Otherwise very good condition.