Complete Set of Six NavWarMaps


The Second World War across six enormous maps.

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This incredible collection of six maps across three sheets was prepared by the Educational Services Section of the U.S. Navy Bureau of Naval Personnel and printed by the Government Printing Office in 1944. The sheets were distributed by the Army Orientation Course in Washington, D.C. to provide up-to-date contextual information to servicemembers on all theaters of the war.

The group of images provides a fascinating overview of the global conflict with the aim to educate, but also to boost morale. Inflammatory elements throughout toe the line between information and propaganda, and carefully curated text omits much mention of Allied losses. Many of the sheets include elements referencing the historical relationships between America and foreign lands. The group, rarely available on the market as a complete set, consists of the following:

NavWarMap No. 1: The Mediterranean – This map emphasizes Churchill’s mantra in attacking the ‘soft underbelly’ of the Third Reich; with staging operations in North Africa followed by an invasion through Italy. Prominent naval and land operations are shown throughout the Mediterranean, which ‘offers many approaches to Fortress Europe.’ A fascinating diagram near the bottom of the sheet explores historical naval operations across the region.

NavWarMap No. 2: The South China Sea Area – The heartland of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, and the main target of ongoing American offensives across the Pacific. The image emphasizes the commercial industries of the Philippines, the Dutch East Indies, French Indo-China and China and shows Japanese supply routes (the targets of constant American airplanes and submarines), military installation, and invasion paths. Also of interest is the bold proclamation, with accompanying illustrations, that “the wealth of the South China Sea area is produced by human energy.”

NavWarMap No. 3: World War 2 in the North Sea Area – This map shows northeastern Europe, including Scandinavia, with an emphasis on how troops and supplies are pouring into the theater from across the Atlantic. Bombers threaten the Reich from bases in England, and a number of notable engagements are detailed on the left side of the sheet.

NavWarMap No. 4: The North Pacific Area – Highlighting Japanese aggression provides ample justification (as if the burning Pearl Harbor wasn’t enough) on this map of the Pacific Ocean. It shows the theater between the coasts of Asia and North America, with the image centered on Hawaii. Inset diagrams along the bottom show details from the Battle of Midway and the Battle of Attu, with the latter representing one of the often overlooked campaigns of the war.

NavWarMap No. 5: Southwest Pacific – The vast distances of the South Pacific Ocean are compacted into this legible image, which presents the various disparate campaigns throughout the theater. Initial Japanese invasions (red) and American counter-offensives (blue) are accompanied by detailed information on the regional geographic realities (namely the vast distances). Also included is a fascinating inset showing the various ‘Peoples of the Pacific.’

NavWarMap No. 6: We Fight A Global War – This map underlines, at least from the American perspective, the global nature of World War II. In addition to sending troops to various theaters, the United States exported millions of tons of war material to Allied nations throughout the duration of the conflict. The distribution of such lend-lease equipment is shown here, with the United Kingdom receiving the majority, at least through 1944 (42.5% of total). Inset diagrams of both hemispheres highlight the vast aerial distances between points.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1944

Author: Bureau of Naval Personnel

Sheet Width (in): 57.20

Sheet Height (in): 38.10

Condition: B

Condition Description: Three double sided sheets, each measuring approximately 57.2" x 38.1". Overall the scarce set is in good condition, with creasing and wear along fold lines and small tears confined along the outer edges and margins. Abrasions and light separation along fold lines does extend into the image in a few places, notably at the fold intersections.


1 in stock