[Complete Guide to the Star Trek Universe]

A unique collection of navigational material related to original Star Trek series.

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This amazing group of Star Trek publications provides all the information necessary for an aspiring Star Fleet Cadet to travel among the stars. Though each item was published over a decade before the original series first aired (1966), they capture the cult following that developed in the years immediately following, when re-runs and an animated show began to dramatically increase the franchise’s popularity. More information on each item is available below.

Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manual: Bound copy of a manual “for the specific use of Star Fleet Academy Cadets and contains selected material from the data banks of the Master Computer.” 200+ pages of diagrams, charts, and text outlining the history of Fleet Command, use and manufacture of Star Trek weapons and ships, mechanics of interstellar travel, uniform design, maps, and much more. Fifth edition, published by Ballantine Books in 1979.

Star Trek Maps: Climb aboard the USS Enterprise with this awesome pair of navigational charts detailing her journey across the universe during the original Star Trek series, which aired between 1965 and 1969. Each sheet measures approximately 42.75″ x 29.25″ and conveys a tremendous amount of information, all canon, across the four images. Star charts, or ‘astrogation maps’ highlight interstellar navigation routes and the various types of celestial bodies, while accompanying diagrams attempt to explain the complex projection used to render three-dimensional space. The sheets also include illustrations of planets, ships, star systems, and other objects – all described in some detail with carefully researched text. An instructional booklet which outlines the concept of interstellar travel (according to the Star Trek universe) is included to assist any aspiring Starfleet cadets. Published in 1980 by Paramount Pictures Corporation.

Star Trek Action Fleet: Published in 1979 by Paramount Pictures Corporation. A group of five 3D paper models of starships from the Star Trek universe. Punch out sheets (all intact, near fine) create the U.S.S. Enterprise, Vulcan Shuttle, Travel Pod, Klingon Cruiser, and Work Bee. A cross bar from which all five craft can be suspended is included, along with a Fleet Specification Guide. This separate sheet provides images and related information of the ships and crew.

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Publication Date: 1979-1980

Author: Various

Sheet Width (in): See Description

Sheet Height (in): See Description

Condition: A-

Condition Description: Collection of three separate items which include the following. Star Trek Maps: Two double sided sheets with their original envelope. Moderate creasing and slight wear along original fold lines, but very good overall.. Includes the accompanying 'Introduction to Navigation' - a 31 pp. booklet measuring approximately 9.9" x 7" that contains basic information on interstellar travel across the Star Trek universe. Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manual: Hundreds of pages of technical diagrams, specifications, and charts outlining the details behind Starfleet Command, Interstellar Space, and more. Include the original paper bound booklet (very good, 8.5" x 11") and hard exterior binding cover (lightly soiled, but good overall). Star Trek Action Fleet: Five stiff paper ship models with accompanying visual guide and instructions. Near fine overall, and includes original envelope.

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