Coast to Coast Map of the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad and the Western Pacific Railway and connections


“Denver and Colorado, the ‘Gateway to the Pacific’ for all San Francisco and San Diego Exposition Travel.” [Text, bottom of page]

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This detailed route map covers the middle of the United States between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, with three distinct legs identifying the lines in operation of the Missouri Pacific, Denver & Rio Grande, and Western Pacific Railways. Dozens of stops along each route are crammed along the line, requiring some clever orientation and skewed state borders. Photographs along the top of the page highlight several of the attractions that can be seen between Denver and San Francisco, while text along the bottom exemplifies typical railroad catchphrases and jargon.

The image, designed by the Poole Brothers of Chicago, is the centerfold in a timetable brochure that also presents a strip map of the Denver & Rio Grande and Western Pacific Railroads. Stations are noted along each simple line, with descriptive text, departure times, and photographs also provided.

Published in Denver by Carson-Harper in 1915 on behalf of the Denver & Rio Grande Western and Western Pacific Railroad. That year, World’s Fairs were held in both San Francisco and San Diego to celebrate the opening of the Panama Canal, thus ensuring a high number of riders and likely prompting the issuance of the map and brochure.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1915

Author: Denver & Rio Grande Western and Western Pacific Railroad

Sheet Width (in): 33.6

Sheet Height (in): 10

Condition: B

Condition Description: Centerfold map in a six page timetable brochure that folds into eight panels with stapled binding. Heavy wear along former fold lines, including numerous areas of separation that have been repaired and reinforced with archival tape. Image loss affects portions of the strip map, but not the centerfold. Moderate wear remains visible around the outer edges and throughout the brochure.


1 in stock