Chicago Loop, Ill.


U.S.G.S. topographic map of downtown Chicago and the north side from 1929.

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This detailed map of Chicago, Illinois shows a fascinating snapshot of the city at the end of the Roaring ’20s and shortly before Black Friday ushered in the Great Depression. Despite the title, only a portion of the Loop is included, and the focus is clearly on the north and west sides.

Buildings are individually outlined, roads are shown according to their surface composition (further info lower right), and geographic information is transmitted via pictorial elements and contoured topography. Locations of interest within the image include the Municipal Pier at the mouth of the river, Riverside Amusement Park, the Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium, and Lincoln Park.

The map was originally published in 1929 by the United States Geological Survey under the authority of O.H. Nelson.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1929

Author: United States Geological Survey

Sheet Width (in): 24.75

Sheet Height (in): 26.5

Condition: C

Condition Description: Brittle paper is heavily chipped and worn around the outer edges, including a large portion missing from the lower left corner. The left side of the page is moderately toned, and heavy tearing has been repaired on the verso with archival tape.


1 in stock