Carte des Cotes de L’Amerique et de L’Asie


Detailed map of the North Pacific Ocean showing one of the last great voyages of exploration of the 18th century.

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The impact of the voyages of Captain James Cook on global politics and exploration cannot be overestimated. Among other things, it prompted the French to promote a Pacific voyage of discovery of their own, and in 1785, Jean-François de Galaup, comte de Lapérouse (often shorted to La Perouse) departed Brest to circumnavigate the globe.

After extensive sailing throughout the Pacific and along the coastlines of California, Asia, Russia, and Australia, the expedition was sadly lost with all hands near the Solomon Islands. Fortunately for posterity, much of the observations of La Perouse had been sent back to France via European intermediaries along the trip, and in 1797 they were published for the first time in “The voyage of La Pérouse around the world.”

That is the origin of this map, which shows the course traveled by the expedition of La Perouse in the North Pacific, between the coasts of North American and Asia. The dated tracks show thousands of miles’ worth of sailing between June 1786 (departure from the Hawaiian Islands) and October 1787 (departure from the Kamtchaka Peninsula). Interior details in North America reflect the earlier discoveries of Mackenzie and Hearne, while other place names reflect the explorations of Cook, Bering, and others.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1797

Author: La Perouse

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Condition Description: Visible damp staining along the lower portion of the sheet, concentrated primarily in the margin but just barely enters the image in each lower corner. Two small pinholes along the centerfold. Otherwise very good overall, with nice hand color on thick, watermarked paper.


1 in stock