Carte de La Suisse pour Cyclistes [Switzerland]


Cycling in Switzerland during World War II!

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This dual-language cycling map of Switzerland shows the alpine nation in colorful topographic detail. It apparently had a tourist audience in mind, as the legend in the upper left identifies the symbols used to denote various transportation routes (primarily roadways), traveler’s amenities, and recreational opportunities. Distances between points are noted, though the shaded contours minimize the rugged terrain. Numerous mountain peaks are labeled with their corresponding height.

Switzerland was in a unique situation at the time of the map’s publication. While war raged across most of the rest of Europe, the Swiss had managed to maintain their historic neutrality through a combination of concessions and deterrence. Though both Allies and Axis blockaded Switzerland and violated that neutrality on occasion, generally its citizenry experienced relative peace and stability throughout the duration of the conflict.

Originally published by Kummerly & Frey in Bern in 1939. Per a note near the bottom of the sheet, this example has been updated to 1944 with edits to the campground directory provided by Hans Berhmann of Zurich.

Source: History of Cartography, Volume 6

Map Details

Publication Date: 1944

Author: Kummerly & Frey

Sheet Width (in): 35.6

Sheet Height (in): 24.7

Condition: A-

Condition Description: Pocket map that folds into 32 segments and remains affixed to stiff illustrated paper wraps. Minor wear and creasing along fold lines and some discoloration in a few spots, most evident in the upper right and center left. Very good overall.


1 in stock