Carta Elettorale Politica D’Italia

Early 20th century election map of Italy reflecting recent changes in the electorate.

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Reforms passed through the Italian legislature in 1912 abolished many of the country’s literacy requirements for voting; raising the number of eligible voters from less than 3 million to nearly 8.5 million. However, Prime Minister Giovanni Giolitti had previously united the liberal, progressive left and conservative, monarchical right into a single political party known as the Liberal Union (Liberali e Democratici). Thus he was able to maintain power in 1913, and he ultimately served five terms as Prime Minister of Italy. However, a rise in popularity of the Radical and Socialist parties, both of which gained seats in the Chamber of Deputies, reflects the political turmoil still felt in much of the country that would persist until after WWI.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1913

Author: F.D. Guerzoni

Sheet Width (in): 19.60

Sheet Height (in): 27.50

Condition: C

Condition Description: Unfortunately this map was printed on very thin paper and became brittle over time. As a result, several chips are missing from the image. However, the map has been mounted to linen to halt any further deterioration.

Out of stock

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