Boys and Girls! Eat More N.B.C. Bread [Mickey Mouse Globetrotter Map]

Rare pictorial map accompanying a promotional campaign by N.B.C. Bread.

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This map is a wonderful and early example of integrated marketing aimed directly at children. Two recognizable characters from the Walt Disney Corporation, Mickey Mouse and the Big Bad Wolf, are racing around the globe, and the only way to find out their locations is by buying loaves of bread! Ideally, they would be produced by the National Biscuit Company, as advertised in the upper left, but a number of various brands participated in the campaign.

Official rules are provided on the verso, but the gist is that bread with a Micky Mouse Band would contain a small trading card (examples seen affixed to the upper border), allowing the purchaser (or their child) to follow the progress of the race across the world. Interesting information pertaining to the history and consumption of bread across a number of different countries is also provided on the verso, along with a letter from Mickey Mouse welcoming the buyer into the Globe Trotters Club [excerpt follows, as printed exactly]. “BUY THAT BREAD…EAT THAT BREAD and I’ll know you’re a regular fellow…a Real Member of the Mickey Mouse Globe Trotters. FOR EVERY LOAF YOU BUY HELPS ME AHEAD IN THE RACE…SO DO YOUR PART.”

The map features other notable Disney characters such as Pluto, Minnie, and Goofy (named Dippy the Goof) in the borders. Donald the Duck, however, only appears in the accompanying cards pasted along the top. Countries visited by the iconic pair include the U.K., China, Australia, Egypt, Sweden, and the Philippines. Numerous vignettes within the images show various means of transportation, amusing encounters with local wildlife, and caricatured depictions of local people and customs. A particular disgrace is the racist depiction of indigenous people in Africa and Southeast Asia in a style reminiscent of the 1930 animated Silly Symphony, Cannibal Capers.

Published in 1936 by Walt Disney Enterprises, with the accompanying trading cards published the following year by the same. Includes the original postmarked mailing envelope with a National Biscuit Company rubber stamp and souvenir button indicating membership in the Mickey Mouse Globe Trotters.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1936

Author: Walt Disney Enterprises

Sheet Width (in): 26.50

Sheet Height (in): 19.75

Condition: A-

Condition Description: Formerly folded into 12 segments, with creasing and light wear along fold lines. The upper border has been filled with paste downs, and the corresponding routes have been marked on the map with pencil. There is some light damp staining on the verso which does not affect the image. Includes original mailing envelope (also damp stained) and a button signifying membership in the Mickey Mouse Globe Trotter Club.

Out of stock