Battle Route of the XII Corps in the European Theater of Operations

Colorful cartographic summary of the United States XII Corps in WWII.

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This striking map was published by the 673rd Engineer Topographic Company and issued by the Public Relations Officer of the United States XII Corps in June of 1945. It shows the route of the corps as it operated as the spearhead of General George Patton’s Third Army in the European Theater.

Unlike many other campaign chronicles, this example shows some detail on the underlying base map. The path of the unit is shown in a simplified, linear format and includes the names of towns liberated or captured by the corps. As one follows the route into Germany, it can be seen turning south, away from Berlin. In an effort to avoid casualties over ground that would be soon turned over to the Soviets, Supreme Commander Eisenhower elected to avoid a final push on the capital.

The hammer and sickle, yet to become an icon of the Cold War, can be seen in Austria and Czechoslovakia and reflect the presence of the Red Army there. A detailed chronology and accompanying narrative is printed on the right side of the sheet. Entries include battles, supply shortages, discovery of stolen European art, and the liberation of Mauthausen.

The corps insignia, a windmill, is embedded in the center of the compass rose. The traditional orange and blue of the Dutch royal House of Nassau is unfortunately omitted. The symbol originated when the corps was an inactive reserve corps headquartered in New York and reflects the historic Dutch influence.


Dyer, George. XII Corps, Spearhead of Patton’s Third Army. Printed by Military Press of Louisiana, Inc., 1947.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1945

Author: Public Records Office XII Corps

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