Atlas of the City of New Haven, Connecticut

Late 19th century fire insurance atlas of New Haven, Connecticut.

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Fires were one of the primary scourges of urban areas in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Enormous conflagrations broke out in Chicago, San Francisco, New York, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Portland, Boston, Seattle and Baltimore between the 1830s and the first decade of 1900s. Cartography responded, and many publishers began issuing atlases highlighting the fire risk of heavily populated areas, usually for insurance purposes.

This is an example published in Philadelphia by G.M. Hopkins in 1888. It includes 47 double page lithographed maps covering the city of New Haven, Connecticut. An index map shows the coverage of each sheet, which then show individual buildings colored according to construction material (yellow for wood, pink for brick), the location of police and fire alarm boxes, elevation in feet, and the outlines of stables and greenhouses (sources of highly combustible material). Property ownership is also noted in many instances. Plate 19 shows the campus of Yale College. Maps showing the distribution of water, gas and sewer utilities are also included, as is a double page sheet showing the city as it was in 1748 (150 years before publication), based on a work by James Wadsworth.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1888

Author: G.M. Hopkins

Sheet Width (in): 16.5

Sheet Height (in): 21.5

Condition: B

Condition Description: The atlas is complete and in good condition. Includes 47 double page lithographed maps. Plates 17 and 44-47 are loose, and two maps have moderate wear, discoloration, and ragged edges. Otherwise the pages are clean and in very good shape overall. Most maps have the original leather navigation tabs. Original gilt cloth covers are present, but tattered and separated. The binding strip is also loose in some areas. Large tear in the title page repaired on the verso with cellophane tape.

Out of stock