Advance of the 4th Infantry Division [and] Progress of the 4th Infantry Division


A scarce pair of maps detailing operations of the 4th Infantry Division in Europe.

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This pair of maps shows the route of the 4th Infantry Division through France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. The first sheet shows the action from the landings at Utah Beach on D-Day to the breakthrough of the Siegfried Line. The line of movement is either solid (against enemy resistance) or hashed (free of enemy resistance). Little detail or embellishment is provided outside of several shadowy illustrations of infantrymen, dead and alive, in the theater. Although there are a few highlights noted; including the liberation of Paris and the Battle of Hurtgen Forest.

The second of the two maps shows the campaign from Luxembourg to Bavaria and is presented in an identical style. Notable actions include stopping the German counteroffensive at the Battle of the Bulge and completing 199 consecutive days of combat. Between the operations on both maps, the division would ultimately suffer over 20,000 casualties.

The two sheets were drawn by James Stewart and Kevin Monaghan, G-2 Intelligence Section of the 4th Infantry Division. They were printed in Germany by the 672nd Engineer Topographic Company.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1945

Author: James G. Stewart and Kevin Monaghan

Sheet Width (in): 22.25

Sheet Height (in): 17.00

Condition: B+

Condition Description: Both sheets are somewhat toned from age and exhibit crinkling in the sheet from where they were previously rolled. Very good condition overall.


Out of stock