Adak in the Aleutian Islands

An often forgotten theater of World War II.

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The successful Japanese invasion of the Aleutian islands of Attu and Kiska in 1942 marked the first time American soil had been occupied by a foreign enemy since the War of 1812. Despite the relatively limited number of engaged troops and obscure theater of war, the campaign to retake the islands was a bloody struggle marked with friendly fire, bonzai charges, and brutal weather conditions.

U.S. troops staged the counteroffensive on nearby Adak Island, and this map was published to commemorate the efforts of the 124th Naval Construction Battalion in maintaining the facilities on that crucial staging post late in the war.

Construction battalions (C-B’s, known affectionately as ‘Seabees’) such as the 124th played a vital role in both the Pacific and European theaters of war; bridging rivers, laying airfields, and constructing defensive installations were just a few of the critical tasks assigned to such units. An image of the Seabee’s iconic mascot is shown in the lower right.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1945

Author: W.G. Sarbacker

Sheet Width (in): 30.60

Sheet Height (in): 21.70

Condition: B

Condition Description: Sheet toned and brittled from age, resulting in numerous tears along the outer edges which have been repaired with a mix of old cellophane and archival tape on the verso. Most tears are confined to the margins, but there is one 5" tear in the upper left, between ARCTIC and OCEAN. One chip in the sheet in the lower center, and sseve

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