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A ‘modified edition of one of the earliest obtainable world maps published in England.

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This interesting choice in decorative design offers an oversized reproduction of John Speed’s influential world map, first published in 1727. Three sheets of adhesive vinyl can be joined and applied onto a wall for a massive (approximately 5.75′ x 8.5′) depiction of the decorative double hemisphere image. According to an excellent summary by Barry Ruderman Rare Maps,

“It is one of the earliest obtainable world maps printed in England, as well as one of the earliest obtainable world maps printed in English. At the time of its original printing (1627), it was one of the first maps to depict California as an island and to show the settlement of New Plymouth in America. The map itself is pleasingly embellished throughout with sea creatures and sailing vessels and encircled with a graticule along with climate zone inscriptions.

The map is surrounded by smaller celestial hemispheres, figural representations of Water, Earth, Air, and Fire, and a number of celestial phenomena including solar and lunar eclipses. Portraits of the first circumnavigators are included at the corners of the map: Sir Francis Drake, Ferdinand Magellan, Thomas Cavendish and Olivier van Noort.

The influence of the contemporary Dutch cartographic tradition is clear on this map, evidenced by its decorative style combining portraiture and celestial illustration. Source maps used by Speed include Jodocus Hondius’ famed 1617 world map and William Grent’s rare 1625 world map. Distributed throughout the map are numerous cartouches and annotations providing additional detail on the exploration of North America and the southern latitudes. The map title is included in a simple banner at top.

Along with California and Korea as islands, other fascinating mythical geographic details include a prominent northwestern coast of North America complete with conjectural place names, the vast Southern Continent or Magellanica, the Straits of Anian along with mention of the fabled Northwest Passage, the city of Manoa (El Dorado) accompanied by Lake Parime near Guiana, and the phantom island of Frisland off the coast of Greenland.”

Map Details

Publication Date: c. 1990?

Author: John Speed

Sheet Width (in): 34.5

Sheet Height (in): 68.25

Condition: A

Condition Description: Three large lithographed sheets (size given for each) printed on treated vinyl, designed to be dampened to cling to a flat surface. They appear to be unused and in near fine condition. The scattered spotting seen throughout the map is a result of the original image.


1 in stock

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