A New and Accurate Map of the Southern Parts of Africa


Detailed English language map of South Africa.

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The maps of Emmanuel Bowen are rife with interesting commentary and annotations that provide detailed, and often amusing, perspectives of the depicted regions. This map of South Africa and Madagascar includes notes about cannibals, gold mines, trade goods and imperial residences. The confusing mix of place names, kingdoms, towns and empires shows some of the difficulties cartographers had when sifting through mounds of geographic and navigational information provided by sailors, merchants and scholars, oftentimes conflicting with one another. European forts focused around the coastline, such as the Dutch at the Cape of Good Hope and the Portuguese at Formosa, show the lack of interior exploration and colonization that wouldn’t become popular until the following century.

Map Details

Publication Date: c. 1750

Author: Emmanuel Bowen

Sheet Width (in): 18

Sheet Height (in): 15

Condition: B

Condition Description: The map is in good shape, with water stains across the upper margin into the image. A library stamp is present.