A General Map of North America from the best Authorities


The United States in a period of tremendous transition.

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This quaint map of North America depicts the fledgling United States about a decade after it declared independence from Great Britain. State boundaries are shown extending to the Mississippi River while a large, unorganized Northwest Territory is left unlabeled. Place names allude to competing colonial interests from Spain in the south and Britain in the north.

The west is shown prior to the geographic clarity brought by the journey of Lewis and Clark, with numerous cartographic myths like the River of the West, Western Sea, Quivira, and spurious mountain ranges (notably the Snowy Mountains) shown. Native American tribes, mountain passes, and interesting annotations add to this wonderful overview of the U.S. from the early 19th century.

Map Details

Publication Date: c. 1804

Author: Anonymous

Sheet Width (in): 10.30

Sheet Height (in): 8.40

Condition: B+

Condition Description: Two damp stains near the bottom of the image and a bit of separation along fold lines along the outer edges, otherwise very good overall. Includes neutral toned matte for display.


1 in stock