30th Corps District

Scarce map of British occupation forces in Germany after WWII.

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This vibrant and amusing pictorial map shows the district occupied by the British XXX Corps in the months immediately following Germany’s downfall in World War II. What were formerly bombed-out villages and countrysides dotted with minefields and barbed wire have been replaced with quaint peacetime illustrations.

Recreational activities, prominent landmarks, and regional industries are depicted alongside vignettes of the local populace. Wooden-shoed Dutch are depicted alongside pudgy German boys and British officers dancing with the local women. The last is one of the few indications within the image that the war even happened at all! Drawn by J.J. Gray and D.B. Wilson and published in August of 1945.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1945

Author: J.J. Gray and D.B. Wilson

Sheet Width (in): 15.25

Sheet Height (in): 12.80

Condition: A-

Condition Description: Creasing and faint wear along original fold lines, along with a bit of extraneous creasing. Very good overall.

Out of stock