West-Indien und Central-Amerika

Elaborately detailed map of Central America and the West Indies in beautiful color.

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Stieler’s Hand Atlas had been in print for nearly 50 years but the time this map was published, and the firm’s expertise in cartography and engraving is on full display. The map is centered on the island of Hispaniola, showing an independent Haiti (the first country established by a successful slave revolution), but not yet reflecting the Dominican Republic’s recent victory over its Spanish colonialists. The Mosquito Coast, British Honduras, and constantly changing occupations in the Antilles are just a few pointed examples of the scramble by Europeans to control the resources (and populations) of the New World.

Inset maps of the isthmus at Nicaragua and Panama are shown in the upper right – surveying would take place in both areas as possibly suitable sites for an inter ocean canal, but it would be over twenty five years before the French would start construction. A profile of the relative elevation for the top three canal sites (including Tehuantepec, in Mexico) is shown in the lower left along with contours of the region’s topography along the bottom of the image.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1861

Author: Adolf Stieler

Sheet Width (in): 18

Sheet Height (in): 14.5

Condition: B+

Condition Description: The map is in very good condition, with soiling in the outer edges and minor foxing within the image. Hand color.

Out of stock