Tabula Geodoborica Itinerum a Varijs in Cataium susceptorum rationem exhibens

A scarce and detailed map of travel routes from Persia and the Caspian Sea to the East and South China Seas, likely published in Kircher’s China Monumentis.

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This fascinating map covers an immense area and depicts at least four routes available to Europeans for eastern travel during the 17th century. The northernmost originates north of an irregularly shaped Caspian Sea and meanders through the region historically known as Tartary before ending at the Great Wall. The southernmost route starts in the Persian Gulf and makes land near Mumbai, before proceeding overland into mountains of Nepal. A sea route through the Strait of Malacca, and other overland routes through India, China and Myanmar are also shown.

In addition to transportation routes, interesting topographical details such as mountains and deserts are shown alongside locations of cities, rivers, and even yurts in the northern steppes – all items of importance to a possible traveler or armchair geographer.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1667

Author: Athanasius Kircher

Sheet Width (in): 17

Sheet Height (in): 15.5

Condition: B

Condition Description: The map is in good condition. It has been professionally washed, resulting in a bright sheet, although some discoloration remains along the centerfold. A ragged right side is also present, but with full margins otherwise.

Out of stock