Prospetto Dimonstrativo de’ pini interessanti fenomeni fisico-astronomici

Finely engraved print showing explaining common astronomical phenomena.

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This attractive celestial print was published in Milan by M. Stucchi in 1831 and features a main image showing the various position of the Earth as it revolves around the Sun throughout the year. The ecliptic is noted around the center of each globe, with each relevant portion colored according to the Zodiac symbol in the outer ring.

Surrounding the primary image are six smaller diagrams explaining other astrological structures and events; including a model of the solar system, seasonal revolutions of Earth, phases of the moon, solar & lunar eclipses, an explanation of the tidal changes, and a fascinating cross section of the Earth as seen from the Arctic Pole.

This last image, faintly reminiscent of Kircher, shows a profile of the surface of the planet, with continental forms elevated above the labeled bodies of water. Volcanos are noted in the Sunda Strait and in Ecuador (Pichincha). Surrounding each illustration are dense blocks of text defining terms, explaining certain properties of physics and providing information related to each season.

A captivating compendium of astrological information from the mid-19th century.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1831

Author: M. Stucchi

Sheet Width (in): 29.30

Sheet Height (in): 21.25

Condition: A-

Condition Description: Dissected into twelve panels and mounted on linen. Wear and discoloration between panels is consistent with age and use, and there is faint soiling visible in the margins. A very good example of this scarce celestial print with fine hand color.

Out of stock