Perrier Carte Automobile de France

Complete collection of fifteen road maps covering all of France, issued in the early 1920’s by Perrier.

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The spring in southern France from which Perrier is drawn has been a popular spa since Roman times, and bottling the water for sale has been in practice since at least 1863. In 1898, Local doctor Louis Perrier purchased the area and lent his name to the bubbly beverage that remains popular to this day.

This fascinating set of road maps, based on an earlier English version produced by George Philip & Sons, was issued less than 30 years later, showing just how popular Perrier had become. The outer case and key map contain a number of wonderful advertisements for ‘Le Champagne des Eaux de Table.’ The English Royal Warrants are also proudly presented in the upper corners.

Inside, there are 17 sheets total; with 15 double sided maps of France and portions of Spain, a key map (seen in front) and a plan of the city of London. Primary (including the National Route) and secondary automobile roads are highlighted in red on each map, which also show political organization, towns, railroads, simple topographic detail, and other information of interest to the intrepid motorist.

Map Details

Publication Date: c. 1923

Author: Perrier

Sheet Width (in): 13

Sheet Height (in): 10.7

Condition: B+

Condition Description: The set consists of 15 single sided sections of the road map, plus two double sided images containing maps of Paris and London and the title page. Moderate soiling and wear visible around the edges of most maps and a few have old handwriting. The maps are stored within the original green leather case with a clear plastic cover. The case is worn, but remains in good condition.

Out of stock