Charming map of Ohio published while the state was the American frontier.

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This lovely map of Ohio shows the Buckeye State less than two decades after admission into the Union. Towns are beginning to develop throughout, many of which are connected by an early road network or situated along the numerous navigable rivers. Nearby Forts Defiance and Recovery reflect the regional struggle with Native Americans in recent years, with the corresponding Treaty Line confirming the outcome of the conflict.

The image is clearly a bit outdated, however, as Ohio’s eastern border is slightly misplaced. Though shown correctly at the confluence of the Great Maumee and Ohio Rivers, it was actually positioned further west so that (eventually) both forts would be within the state lines. One other prominent oversight to note. Though it had been moved four years prior to publication, the map it still shows Chillicothe as the state capital, and the contemporary capital, Columbus, isn’t even depicted!

Published in Philadelphia in 1820 by Benjamin Warner and Matthew Carey, for inclusion in A General Atlas: Being a Collection of Maps of the World and Quarters…

Map Details

Publication Date: 1820

Author: Matthew Carey

Sheet Width (in): 10.20

Sheet Height (in): 8.30

Condition: A

Condition Description: Slight darkening within the plateline from the impression, which itself is a bit blurry along the bottom of the sheet. Ragged upper binding edge, but the map has been expertly cleaned and is in very good shape overall.


1 in stock

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