Nous vaincrons parce que nous sommes les plus forts


A convincing propaganda poster showing the disposition of Axis and Allied forces around the globe shortly after the outbreak of war.

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“We will win because we are strongest” in French is boldly declared across the top portion of this map. This quote by the French Prime Minister Paul Reynaud was not a fanciful notion – at this time Italy had not joined the Axis power and the only engagements along the Western front were sporadic incursions by the French troops into German territory. Allied victory seemed inevitable to many, if for no reason other than the gross geographic imbalance between the two sides. In that regard, the map speaks for itself.

However, the scope of French defeatism and military capabilities of the German blitzkrieg were grossly underestimated by Allied commanders, and less than a year after issue this poster would become terribly outdated.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1939

Author: J Kap

Sheet Width (in): 31.25

Sheet Height (in): 23.5

Condition: B+

Condition Description: Chipping in some places along the outer edges, and moderate wear along fold lines with very minor loss in a few places. Some faint moisture damage evident in the "R" but an overall good copy.


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