New International Atlas of the World

Prewar atlas with several ominous signs of the forthcoming global conflict.

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Like most atlases published in the United States, this volume contains standardized maps of all fifty states, plus images of various countries and continents from around the globe. Over fifty maps in total are included, providing an interesting worldwide overview at a time of tremendous political tension.

German aggression in Europe and Japan’s expanding mandates in the Pacific are vividly highlighting within their respective images. Furthermore, the atlas includes a 44 page “Chronicle of Conquest” supplement that details the rise and fall of various nations, the global commodity trade, and other contemporary factors that ultimately contributed to the outbreak of WWII.

One particularly prescient, but ultimately misguided, entry reads:

“since the war, immense improvements have been made in the building and handling of aircraft, but aeroplanes are now used for transport rather than warfare and we hope that the day may never come when they will again be employed to increase a hundredfold the horrors of warfare.”

The atlas was compiled by Lloyd Edwin Smith and Dr. Frederick Branom and published in Chicago by the Geographical Publishing Company in 1937.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1937

Author: Geographical Publishing Company

Sheet Width (in): 10.5

Sheet Height (in): 15

Condition: A-

Condition Description: 174 pp. bound in original full blue leather covers. Worn spine with separation along the bottom 5" and faintly soiled endpapers, but the contents remain in very good condition overall.

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