New Dated Events World War Map


The Fourth Edition of the Dated Events War Map, speculating on the invasion of Europe.

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This is one of the numerous examples of the Dated Events War Maps drawn by Stanley Turner and licensed by the advertising firm of C.C. Petersen between 1942 and 1946. This particular copy is the 4th issue printed by the United States Printing & Lithograph Company, and dates to late November or early December 1942.

The map itself uses vivid color to illustrate territory under control of the Axis (green and gray), neutral (white) and Allied (all else) and numerous annotations to identify the locations and dates of particular events. Five inset maps near the bottom of the sheet show various areas in Europe where a possible Allied invasion may occur, with accompanying text waxing historical prose but providing no real analyses.

Below that is a list of dated events beginning with the German invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939 and ending with Darlan’s concession of French West Africa to the Allies on November 24, 1942. Note that the color of the territory on the map is still white (neutral), reflecting the difficulty experienced by the publishers in trying to keep the image precisely up to date.

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Map Details

Publication Date: 1942

Author: Stanley Turner

Sheet Width (in): 26.20

Sheet Height (in): 20.10

Condition: B+

Condition Description: Originally folded into 8 panels, with creasing and minor along fold lines. Several spots running in a vertical line between the Aleutians and Australia. Good to very good overall.


1 in stock