Island [Iceland]

Hondius’ map of Iceland for Purchas’ Hakluytus Posthumus.

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This captivating early 17th-century map of Iceland presents a wonderful contemporary view of the remote island in the North Atlantic. Pictorial topography and an erupting volcano emphasize the rugged and mountainous interior, while sea monsters and rocky shoals along the coast represent perennial maritime threats.

Strapwork cartouches contain the simple title and distance scale in the lower corners and a subheading attributes the map to (Jocodus) Hondius. The map was first created by Hondius in 1607 for his Atlas Minor, but this particular example was republished in 1625 by Samuel Purchas as part of his Hakluytus Posthumus.

The name of the four-volume series refers to British geographer Richard Hakluyt and was intended to be a continuation of his monumental works on travel and geography. The encyclopedic efforts bankrupted Purchas, and he died in debtor’s prison the year after it was first printed.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1625

Author: Jocodus Hondius

Sheet Width (in): 8.10

Sheet Height (in): 7.2

Condition: B

Condition Description: Map occupies half of a larger sheet that measures approximately 8.1" x 12.9". Heavy wear along the outer edges, including small tears and chips in the page, with the largest visible on the center right side. Nice hand color, with text on both sides.

Out of stock