India, Burma, and Ceylon. Information for Travellers and Residents


A 1920’s travel guide to the ‘Jewel in the Crown of the British Empire.’

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“This handbook is published with the view of affording in a compact form a variety of useful information for Travellers going to or returning from India, Burma, and Ceylon, and for Tourists or Residents in those countries, on all matters appertaining to travel in the East, and from the East to any part of the globe.”

The expansive scope, outlined in the opening paragraph of the introduction, is included within the 240 pages of this Thomas Cook & Son guidebook, published in London in 1924. Information on transportation routes, major cities, currency, local customs, and more is provided on all three British Crown Colonies. Four folding maps – India, Europe, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and the World – are also included.

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Publication Date: 1924

Author: Thomas Cook & Son

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Condition: A

Condition Description: 240 pp. guidebook, approximately 4" x 6", bound in original red embossed gilt cloth covers. Contents are very good and include three folding maps, plus a number of additional charts, diagrams, illustrations, and contemporary advertisements.


1 in stock